2014 Frozen Otter Ultra Trek

The Frozen Otter Ultra Trek is by far one of the toughest races in the Midwest and with less than a 10% completion rate, possibly the country. Racers traverse 64 miles of Wisconsin's hilly terrain left in the wake of the great Wisconsin Glacier. As if the sheer feat of conquering the mileage isn't enough, racers must do it completely self supported, on trail, in the dead of winter.

Racers may participate as a solo only this year (although participants are encouraged to race with others) and must carry a variety of gear to ensure their safety during the event. For those who don't want to commit to the entire distance, a 32 mile half distance option is also offered. Full distance racers have 24 hours to conquer the distance and 12 hours are allowed for the half distance participants.

Conditions are a huge factor in the race and are highly unpredictable. Past years have cursed racers with conditions including temperatures dropping down to 20 degrees below zero and knee deep snow. The race is truly the ultimate test of both physical and mental endurance.

But wait.... there's more!

Just to add to the mental challenge (and to keep track of the racers), volunteers are posted at 8 mile intervals along the trail and provide a haven with a warm fire, hot water, and the option to take a shuttle back. This is where racers begin to drop like flies! Historically, by the third checkpoint nearly 75% of the participants have chosen to throw in the towel and return to the comfort of their warm cars.

Those racers that complete the entire 64 mile course within the 24 hour cutoff become part of the 'Frozen Few' and receive customized plaques and get their names added to the perpetual Frozen Few plaque which is displayed each year at the race staging area. All participants that return to the staging area either as a ranked racer or by shuttle are treated to hot soup, grilled food, and a large fire to share their experience with other racers.

Do you think you have what it takes? Give it a try, it will be one of the toughest and most rewarding things you ever do!

Be sure to check ALL information in the tabs below for additional important information!

2014-01-18 10:00 - 2014-01-19 10:00
Race Directors: 
Registration Info
Full Distance - $125.00
Half Distance - $110.00
0 of 120 spots remaining


So sorry I had to miss the race

It sounds like it was a great race. I am sorry I had to sit this one out, I had been looking forward to competing all year. I watched the live tracker avidly all weekend wishing I was there taking part.

I am scheduled to have the meniscus repaired in my right knee on Tuesday, so I'm going to be out of running for a few weeks. Never mind there'll always be next year.

Great job to everyone that took part whether competitor or volunteer.


Thank you volunteers!

It was great to see familiar, and new, faces at the check points. Even racers from past years where there to volunteer & lend support. I was amazed at the turn out in spectators this year, the new layout is certainly a huge reason. Great teamwork from the staff, support from volunteers & the sheer determination of racers makes this event memorable & one-of-a-kind.

Anyone who left the starting line should be proud.

Thanks Rod, crew, and volunteers!!!

Thanks for another great Frozen Otter event. I have to say this was the most perfect FO to date. The volunteers were awesome and the event was so well planned. Thanks Rod!


Full spot available

Due to a lower back injury I have a full trek bib available. You can reach me at parishke@yahoo.com. Thanks.


For the purpose of Map Questing, what is the address to the start/finish at Mauthe Lake?

Trail Conditions

Anybody been on the trail lately? I know conditions can change overnight, but just curious. Tons of snow? Ice? The 48 mile new out and back should be interesting as well. Getting pumped! This race is just kick butt!

See everyone out on the trail.

Steve Fredrickson

Trail Conditions

I was out over the weekend. The rain Friday turned the trail very slushy on Saturday; several inches thick in a lot of places. On Sunday it was frozen solid but uneven/bumpy with some very slick spots. I would expect whatever snow we get this week on top of ice for the weekend.


Use this App to Track Otter

Hello all,

If you have an iPhone, download this app: www.startarally.com

In the explore section is an event called Frozen Otter Ultra Trek. In the meantime, post your best FO picture to the event.

My girlfriend is volunteering at the event and will be taking tons of pictures and sending updates via the app. Email me if you have any questions: ericalvarez22@gmail.com

full or half spot available

Full or Half spot available. email jeffrey.condit@mu.edu if interested.


I have a full distance bib available for transfer if anyone is interested. Please email me at kirknrenae@gmail.com

64M entry available

Due to an unfortunate lower back injury, I now have a 64-mile entry available for transfer. Email bac231@gmail.com

1/2 distance spot available

I am unable to make it to the trek this year. If anyone is interested in a 32 mile spot please contact me at mangoave@gmail.com


Half distance

Looking for a half distance spot, anyone looking to get rid of one can contact me at dbaumgartner316@gmail.com, Thanks.

Spot available

I have a 64 mile spot available for transfer. Email bcarter7904@gmail.com

Training last weekend

Completed the Mauthe to Greenbush section on Saturday, not going to say how long it took but it was tiring to say the least. Camped at Greenbush Saturday (very cold night, around 10F) and then hiked back to Mauthe on Sunday. Very little snow on trail, so it was easy to navigate. I was a lot slower than I would anticipate for the race as I was haul a lot more gear with me for the overnight camp. This is my first attempt at the Frozen Otter and I have never seen the route before, this helped a lot to prepare me for January.

Topo Map

Dont know if anyone is interested but I made a map of the route that can be viewed showing terrain or as imagery.

64 Mile bib up for transfer

I have a 64 mile bib to be transferred. If anyone is interested please let me know. E-mail is the easiest way to get ahold of me hollywoodfw@gmail.com

Spot Available

I am not going to be able to compete in the 2014 Frozen Otter and looking to sell my spot. My email is Jameshowell85@gmail.com.



I was wondering how far everyone is getting up to in their training? I did 17 at around 4.5 hours on similar trails, but obviously it is much warmer without snow right now than on race day. I am looking to get up to around 24 miles in training, with full gear. Also, I am really focusing on hip strength. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is my 4th time trying to finish (I have gotten to 48, but was 100% dead by then) so this year I have really kicked it up, but still worry that it is not enough.

If anyone would like to go up to the Kettle Moraine from Chicago at the end of December for a 24 mile jog the flats/walk the ups and down, let me know and we can car pool.


Eric (ericalvarez22@gmail.com)

Spot Available due to Injury

I am interested in selling my spot due to an injury. My name is Bob Everson...I am registered for the Kettle Moraine, WI full event. Please contact me if you want to purchase my spot. I can then transfer my spot to you. My email is everbob25@yahoo.com

Packing list

Can anyone tell me where the packing list is located on this website?

Not posted yet

The required gear list for the 2014 Frozen Otter is not yet posted. I anticipate it will be up in the next couple weeks. For reference, I recommend looking at the gear list from the 2013 event and it will closely resemble that of the 2014 race.  You can find the spreadsheet here.

Spot Open

I have a spot on the full distance race. Any one interested in buying email adambeckerlvfd@hotmail.com.

Waitlist / Transfer


Is the number of names on the waitlist posted somewhere?

I also am interested in purchasing a transfer is someone is looking to get sell.



I have a 64 mile bib to be transferred. If you're still interested please let me know. E-mail is the easiest way to get ahold of me hollywoodfw@gmail.com

I just noticed that there was

I just noticed that there was a David Goggins signed up for this year's race. Is that THE Navy Seal / General Badass, David Goggins?

I will Buy your ticket

If anyone is selling their ticket for the race (preferably full course) I will buy it. Email me at disentarybass@yahoo.com



Frozen Otter [PLEASE READ]

[NOTICE] If anyone is willing to sell their ticket, please contact me at


Is there a waiting list for FO14?


You must first register for an account on the website and then navigate to the event page. There should be a Waitlist link waiting for you.

waitlist link?

I am a registered user but cannot find the "waitlist link" to save my life. Can I have a hint? Thanks!

On the Event Page

The waitlist link is on the event page once you're logged in. It should be a big blue button.


Wait list

I have looked at every page related to the event and can't find a big blue button for the wait list.

Winter Gear

This is my first winter ultra and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what kind of hydration system works well in the cold. I have a running belt but am looking to add more capacity (something around 70 oz or more) and would rather simply buy a pack that can work in the summer but still not freeze in the winter. Thanks!

As far as packs, I use a

As far as packs, I use a GoLite 24 but have an AS-1 from outthereusa.com I'm going to use this year. Might be a tad big, but their pocket setup on these packs are unreal...smaller MS-1 looks to be big enough for a 24hr event, especially with stops/checkpoints on the trail. I know a lot of people like Salomon for gear. REI brand is solid.

I use an Osprey brand now but

I use an Osprey brand now but have used Camelbak too. Know Camelbak has an insulated tube. Tricks are to hold the bite valve up after each sip, squeeze it, so air gets in and lets all the water in the tube go back down into the resevoir so the tube doesn't freeze. This may seem obvious too, but if you put a powder in the water bladder, really shake it side to side well so it doesn't clump into the tube and freeze. That sucks. Last year I went the full 64 and at every 8mi checkpoint I topped off my Osprey and ate half of something every 30-45 minutes along the way. I like Hammer Heed vs Gatorade, plus they're a sponsor and have been for years. Not as sugary. Good luck!

Hydration Pack

I have a Camelback hydration pack, but last year I purchased a "Hydro Heater" bladder, hose, etc to use in the winter, as I'm biking, snowshoeing, and running a great deal. It has a battery operated heating element in the hose, as well as heavy duty insultation so it can be worn outside of your clothing. It holds around 70oz of liquid. It worked great for me last year in all of my adventures. It's expensive ($100?) but works well and fits into most packs.


This is my first year competing in this event and I'm wondering if anyone has any training advice? I usually run a marathon and a couple half marathonsd throughout the year, so training-wise I run about 30-50 miles each week in the peak of the summer. Are there any good resources for that aspect of trainig for this even that people have? Likewise, is there an equipment checklist to reference regarding what I'll need to keep all my toes and survive?!?

I'm really looking forward to meeting a lot of great, new people and being involved in an event that I'll never forget! I am participating awith someone who has completed the half distance multiple times. Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you!



Registration box says it opens in Zero days, why can't I register?

Should have said 'Tomorrow'

Sorry for the confusion, it should have said 'Tomorrow' as registration opens May 1.