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Frozen Otter Live Tracking


In past years, we have attempted to keep standings up to date online for friends and family to track their racer. This has been replaced with an option for GPS tracking as an additional option when registering. The previous method was extremely taxing on the volunteers and race staff and resulted in a great deal of confusion and concern from those watching it. With the GPS tracking, participants that opt-in will carry a GPS transmitter that will update their location on a map of the forest in near real time.

Frozen Otter Shelters


There are always a lot of questions as to what qualifies as a shelter in the Frozen Otter.   I simply define it as something that is large enough to accommodate you and still keep out the rain/snow and wind. This could be a full blown tent, or a simple tarp with means to pitch it. Remember that you will probably already be carrying trekking poles which could be used, and a length of rope does not weigh a ton.