2015 Frozen Otter Results

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Veteran racers JP Bordeleau and Brian Pfister took an early lead coming in first to Butler Lake, but they were overtaken before Greenbush by Marty Taylor and were soon chasing the lead along with David Haase.  Matt Hanson mistakingly took a wrong turn and ended up at Parnell Tower adding a cool 1.5 miles to his day and a lot of catching up to be had.  By Hwy P it looked like David Haase had taken over 2nd place followed by JP, Brian, and Matt who was making up some great time.  Matt had caught back up to Brian, JP, and David as they arrived in Butler Lake together all in the hunt for Marty who was only 19 minutes ahead!
Matt really threw down the hammer on the next section and closed in on Marty to only 6 minutes rolling into Mauthe Lake.  David arrived 3rd, 20 minutes behind Marty, and Brian and JP were only 6 minutes behind that.  With only the final section left, the top four were less than a half hour apart!
It was just before Hwy H that Matt overtook Marty, arriving at the checkpoint with a two minute lead.  It was shortly after leaving the checkpoint to head to the finish that they decided that their best chance of maintaining the lead and finishing strong was to do so together.  JP and Brian overtook David in this section and arrived at Hwy H only minutes ahead of him.  Unfortunately for those two, the pace Matt and Marty were demanding was too much and they were now about an hour behind.
The finish was full of emotion as Matt and Marty crossed the finish line hand-in-hand after helping each other through the final leg.  They had not only bagged the win, but completed the last leg 8 minutes faster than the way out and taken the course record by hours!  Next in were JP and Brian nearly an hour and a half later, followed shortly by David.

Race Stats

Finisher Stats
  • 77 Official Finishers
  • 50 New FROZEN FEW!
  • 49 Un-Official
Most Mature FROZEN FEW Finisher
  • Jim Devine @ 58 
  • Danny Bobrow takes 2nd here @ 57
New Course Records (previously 16:12)
  • Male - 13:35 by Marty Taylor and Matt Hanson
  • Female - 15:48 by Tanya Eggert 
Shortest Cumulative Time At Checkpoints
  • 15 minutes
Longest Cumulative Time At Checkpoints
  • 3 Hours 27 Minutes
Combined Mileage: 6000 MILES! Roughly Equates to...
  • Milwaukee to the Equator.. and back
  • NYC to Baghdad
  • Seattle to the North Pole.. and back
  • Denver to Buenos Aires