This is my first race of this kind. just curious to see or hear what kind of gear and equipment people are using maybe some pros and cons of some companies. Pictures speak a thousand words. Thanks for playing along.

Thanks for info and I know its a full question.

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Gear definitely makes or breaks the race. Without getting into specifics (hopefully someone else will), here are my suggestions:

1. LAYERS - You should be kind of cold when you start out, a lot of people start out way too hot and end up sweating through layers that will be important later.
2. Traction - This is, of course, dependent on conditions. I'm sure everyone has their favorite here, but I would suggest Kahtoola Micro Spikes (pro). Yaktrax break.
3. Trekking Poles - Some may argue this one, but I find them really helpful. If you are planning on running a lot of it, they may become annoying, so know your goal.
4. Try everything out first! Don't experiment on race day. Get out in all kinds of conditions and try things out.
5. Footwear - This probably depends on conditions as well. I prefer trail runners with wool socks and gaiters if snow is deep. I would use caution if considering waterproof socks like Sealskinz as they tend to trap moisture that can freeze and potentially cause frostbite.

I know that's not too specific, but I hope it helps!!